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New to the board, of my car

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hi,..i already posted this link in the civic forum but since this is the image gallery i guess i should show my car for the non-civic owning people,...comments are welcome,..dont matter if positive or negative,..thanks

97 Widebody Civic Hatchback CX
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Nice car man!you should send a few pics to mike he can put it up.

[email protected]
very nice, what kind of front end is that, any engine mods?
thanks,... motor mods after this saturday will include:

the motor is a 98 LS motor,..but i just got back from the machine shop yesterday with my 95 GSR head, hopefully if my ARP head studs and mugen chip for my p28 comes in before friday then im doing the head swap myself this weekend,..the car will be painted some type of white,..i was thinking about championship white but undecided,..i just want a clean white, pearl or nothing like that,..i will list the rest of the motor mods at anyones request,..thanks

motor mods after this saturday will be:

98 b18b1 bottom end
95 GSR head
98 CTR cams
crower springs and retainers ( tested to rev to 10 but im only gonna hit 7500 because of my bottom end not "yet" built,..the chipped p28 allows to 9200 before fuel cut off)
mugen chipped p28
Skunk2 OBD2 to OBD1 jumper
ARP head studs
apex dunk exhaust
zex nitrous kit,..75 shot with purge

theres other things but i dont remember..its late and im not thinking straight hahaha,...

at the track with just the 98 LS motor with only short ram intake and exhaust with the CX straight gutted i ran a 15.4 on SI rims and stock rubber, hoping to hit 13s with my new set up spraying a 75 shot
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dood ... your hatch is nice ... i'm diggin the "cleanness" of it
Purging the nitrous system to get the bubbles and whatnot out of the lines. Sort of like cleaning out the lines.
nice ride.....what rims are those? tenzos?
yea purging is to clean out the nitrous line,...gets rid of nitrous that has been sitting in the line for awhile, nitrous will flow better and more efficent

yea those where Tenzo Shu 4s 18s in gunmetal,...i got rid of them because they slowed me down,..i got SI rims on my car at the moment, looking for some special edition volk TE37s,...the gunmetal with polished lip ones,..if anyone knows where i can get a set,..please let me know,...if i cant find some im gonna go with some velox rims,..i think they are the VX8rs, 16s,...gunmetal with polished lip of course:D ,...i got a thing for gunmetals with a white car
When you have nothing nice to say...

How does it go? Well, you have approval on all but the widebody. A big OOPS if you ask me. Car could have been great.
OH YEAH... Don't saying anything at all. TOO LATE :(
Re: When you have nothing nice to say...

B18C1 HB said:
How does it go? Well, you have approval on all but the widebody. A big OOPS if you ask me. Car could have been great.
thanks for the approval,..but yea i like the "OOPS" i made,..and the car is great to me,..not "could" have been,..but thanks for replying though:)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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