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Here she is.

1992 Honda Civic Si

- USDM 99 Si B16A2 Engine
- USDM 99 Si Transmission
- Jackson Racing Supercharger 11psi
- CRV Crank Pulley
- Greddy Power Extreme Cat-Back Exhaust
- Kamakazi 4-2-1 Header w/ 2.5" Collector
- 2.5" Test Pipe
- AEM Cold Air Intake
- Hondata Stage 2B Engine Managment
- RC 440cc Injectors
- ACT 6 puck Clutch
- Lightened Flywheel
- STR Adjustable Cam Gears
- P30 ECU
- Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
- B&M Fuel pressure regulator

- RS*R 2" Lowering Spring
- Ingralls Camber Kit

- Konig Heliums, Bronze *10.9lbs*
- BFG g-force T/A Drag Radials 205/50-15 *Fr*
- Khumo Esacta 205/50-15 *Rr*
- 99 Acura Integra GSR Wheels (Stock Tires)
- 92 13" VX Wheels (Stock Tires) <-- haha, my beater wheels

- Fiber Images Carbon Fiber Hood
- Painted Mirrors and Rear Wing
- Stock Honda Front Lip
- Triple Piller Pod
- Phantom Boost gauge
- Phantom Oil Pressure gauge
- Phantom A/F gauge
- GSR Shift Knob
- GSR Cloth Black Seats, Front & Rear
- Projector Headlights
- Clear Corners

My Dyno Sheet *click here*

Best ET's to Date
1/8 - [email protected] w/2.2 60ft
1/4 - [email protected] w/2.2 60ft

The Supercharger is in process of being replaced with a Rev Hard Stage 2C turbo kit. I am going for 280whp (10-11psi) with my new setup. Yes on a stock motor.

So the JRSC is for Sale. Click here for Details.

I am sure some of you have seen this car on: - -

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The Green hatch has ran a best of [email protected] he has only gone to the track twice with it though.
Specs/Pictures the Green Turbo'd Civic Hatch (My Best Friends)


Just incase you have some questions about the mustang. Here they are.

The mustangs mods. Here is a list.

2001 Mustang GT *5spd*

- Vortech Supercharger 10psi
- Spearco Air-to-Air Intercooler
- NX Express Nitrous Intercooler Cooler
- Dual Bypass Valves
- JBA Shorty Headers
- AMF Powerpipe
- 3.73 FMS Gears
- Magnaflow X-pipe
- Borla Catback
- JMS 3-Stage Chip
- Lightning MAF
- 75mm BBK Throttle Body
- 42lb Injectors
- Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
- Dual MSD Igntion's
- Tri-ax Short Shifter
- Abbot ERA
- Turbo Timer

Suspension & Wheels:
- H&R Race Springs
- Tokico 5-way Adj. Shocks
- Hotckis Swaybars
- Hotckis Caster Camber plates
- Mac Subframe connectors
- Baer 13" Front Brake Kit
- 17" 95' Cobra R's *Black*
- 17x9 Front w/ 275/40-17's Nitto 555's
- 17x10.5 Rear w/ 315/35-17's Nitto 555R's
- 18" Y2K Cobra R's
- 17x9 All-4 w/ 265/35-18 Falken's

- V1Radar Detector
- White face Gauges
- Tri Piller Pod
- Gauge Cluster Pod
- Phantom A/F Guage
- Phantom Oil Pressure Guage
- Phantom Fuel Gauge
- Phantom Exhaust Gauge
- Phantom Boost Gauge
- Sparco Torino Seats
- MGW Shift Knob
- MW Race Pedals

- Cobra Front Bumper
- Steeda Cobra R Hood
- Steeda Race Wing
- Black Emblems
- MGW Fuel Door *Black*
- MGW Licence Plate Frame *Black*
- 5% Tint Rear Windows
- 35% Door Windows

1/4 - [email protected] w/2.3 60ft <-- 1st time @ the track with 360whp. Yeah I know he needs practice. :p

Now he has 407.7whp 404.6wtq. Also some new slicks mounted to Weld Drag Lights. So 11's is in the near future.

His Dyno Sheet


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your car looks really good, especially with the SILVER wheels...

but even the mustang has black wheels :(

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RYAN tell me about your jrsc install. I would love to install a 8 or 9 psi setup into a cx but just don't know how easy or hard the swap is . Did you do any firewall work or anything out of the norm? Thanks for any light you could shead on the swap.

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1 O.G teg said:
RYAN tell me about your jrsc install. I would love to install a 8 or 9 psi setup into a cx but just don't know how easy or hard the swap is . Did you do any firewall work or anything out of the norm? Thanks for any light you could shead on the swap.
The Jackson install was easy. About 10 hours. If you find doing a swap easy then you wil find the JRSC install even easier.

It fit great behind the firewall. Plenty of clearence.

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mrmyz said:
welcome to sho you got time slips on your 1/4? I wanna see how the launch is with a S/C compared to a launch with some one that has turbo
Street Tires. My GSR Wheels
r/t - 1.022
60' - 2.455
330 - 6.358
1/8 - 9.373
MPH - 83.42
1000 - 11.932
1/4 - 14.052
MPH - 107.14

My Heliums G-force Drag Radials
r/t - .729
60' - 2.180
330 - 5.490
1/8 - 8.501
MPH - 84.01
1000 - 11.142
1/4 - 13.41
MPH - 103.59

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dug said:
you got any shots of under the hood?

btw, the hood looks great too, where did you get it?
This is an old picture. But you get the picture.
I don't have the FMU installed anymore because of the Hondata. Plus I have a Header now.

I bought it off of YKKSI on clubsi about year ago.


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Nice .. nice, nice. And, what picture host did you use for this?

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damn nice man.....all 3 cars are good lookin and can perform. Thats all i got to say. Nice job.

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I agree with everyone.
The only sugestion I would make would be to put some Vision Corner lights. I think they would look sick with those bronze wheels.

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Were those rota slipstreams on the hatch? I didnt see it in the mod list, I must not have been looking in the right spot.

EDIT: ": - Konig Heliums, Bronze *11.2lbs* "
No way, is that them? my bro has rotas that look like those. He didnt want the real ones with the Quebec roads. :D
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