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newbie questions for turbo d16z6

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Im new to all of this and I was wondering if you could help me with a few questions that i have about my setup (94 civic auto d16z6). I have a greddy turbo kit, with sotck internals. If I wanted to boost above 8psi, would i have to upgrade my pistons/rods/cams? if so could you recommend some?

also if I have a stand alone fmu ie hondata, would i still have to upgrade my injectors, fuel rail, fuel pump, fuel regulator?

I havent installed anything on my car, since i want to get a smog check before i install it.
I really appreciate your help, Thanks
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I've boosted 15psi on that motor, stock. All you need is fuel and spark, and tuning.

I would get some 370cc-440cc injectors, a 255lph fuel pump, wires, plugs, msd amp, and coil. Then get it on a dyno and tune it with the Hondata.

If I were you, I'd leave the internals until LAST. Get it tuned with the stock internals, and have your fun. If it blows, then build it...but I wouldn't jump to do it so fast.

I ran mine stock, and .85-1.0 bar all day, every day for a year, untuned. I spun a rod bearing after going 145 for about 6 miles on 10psi.

You shouldn't have to build it yet.
great! thanks, I have these mods sitting in my garage now:

ground control coilovers
hayame cam gear
nuespeed strut bar
rear strut bar
rota sub zero 15"
greddy turbo kit
blitz turbo timer
venom intake manifold
venom Fuel pump
aem tru power pulley
kyb agx gas shocks
venom 400 control module
turbo xs dual stage boost controller
NGK iridium plugs
blitz supersound bov

so as soon as i buy the msd cap, coil, hondata 3b, 450 injectors, would i be good to go?

also if i get bigger injectors, does it neccessarily mean i have to upgrade my fuel rail?
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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