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News/Rumors & Car Talk-Rules, Links, FAQ

This forum is intended for information regarding AUTOMOTIVE News/Rumors & Car Talk. Please do not post information in this forum if it is not automotive related. Check and create threads in the appropriate forums listed. If a thread is posted in this forum and does not belong, it will simply be moved to the appropriate forum.

Do not link to other sites! If you have information to post, just post it here. No need to post to other forums or what not. If you need to know why we dont link: 1) links sometimes die, 2) some sites are blocked, and 3) we are just lazy to click on some other sites that might have spam or pop ups. Just copy the information and post it here on your post and then at the bottom of the bost place the link.

Post Whore
Do not POST WHORE. For the newbies, post whore is a user who intentionally replies to threads in a ridiculous manner. Post whores replies will be deleted and you will be warned. This is a rule amongst all staff members. Any one word posts such as "cool", "neato" or anything like that will be deleted, no questions asked. At least give us a reason why its "cool" or why its "neato".

Search Engine
Please do a SEARCH before you post information. Alot of information could have been posted regarding any automotive information. For purposes of deleting threads and taking up space, if a thread has been created on a particular topic of which you have information on, just reply to it, but do not create another thread.

For the sake of many, please post your SOURCES of where you get the information. Give credit where credit is due. Post the link at the bottom of your post. This makes it easier for those who want to read further on the topic, or just surf the site from which the information has come from.

Keep your sigs small please, this includes pictures. The bigger the SIGNATURE is, the more room it takes up, including memory and space, therefore it causes the board to function slower. My unofficial rule is no bigger then making the "L" shape with your finger. Then put both L's from both hands together to make a window. Your pic should be no bigger then that. There's no rule on this, but if your sig is too big, you'll be asked to make it smaller.

Enjoy your surfing and learning experience on SHO

If you have any questions please private message [PM] me: divinewisdom , thank you.

Much respect to all the OG guys who have/had help to make the news/rumors forum one of the best online.
Thank You : rumorsHG, 9000RPM (AKA:JDM Spec), Danman1116, and Divinewisdom
You guys will always be a part of news/rumors, even though some of you are gone.

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Useful Conversion Factors

1" = 25.4 mm
1 mile = 1.609 344 km = 0.999 998 survey (US statute) mile
1 mile (US statute) ≅ 1.609 347 km

1 lb = 0.453 592 37 kg

1 ci = 16.387 064 cc = 0.016 387 064 L
1 cu-ft = 28.316 846 592 L
1 gal (UK) = 4.546 09 L ≅ 1.200 950 gal (US)
1 gal (US) = 3.785 411 84 L

Cargo capacity is fequently measured according to three major standards (not always specified): SAE, DIN and VDA (block method) — the SAE typically giving figures 10-25% lower than the two European standards.

1 hp ≅ 0.745 699 9 kW
1 hp ≅ 1.013 869 metric hp / Pferdestarke (PS) / cavalli / chevaux (CV)
1 PS ≅ 0.735 498 8 kW

1 lb-ft ≅ 1.355 818 Nm ≅ 0.138 255 0 kg.m
1 kg-m = 9.806 65 Nm

Meaurements of power and torque are usually made to one of three standards: SAE J1349, ECE 85 or DIN 70020. The SAE standard specifies operating conditions of 99 kPa / 29.23 InHg of dry air and 25 °C / 77 F temperature. The DIN and ECE standards are calculated at higher pressure (101.3 kPa / 29.33 InHg of dry air) and lower temperature (20 °C / 68 F), resulting in increased power, and DIN 70020 does not specify the status of accessories such as the engine fan and water pump, again resulting in a slight increase in measured power. UN Economic Commission for Europe Reg. 85 has only recently been adopted by manufacturers outside the US (notably General Motors), usually with the introduction of newer, more powerful engines that hide the nominal loss of power compared to DIN 70020.

1 psi ≅ 0.068 947 57 bar
1 atm (standard) = 1.013 25 bar

Fuel economy
1 mpg (UK) ≅ 0.354 006 2 km/L
1 mpg (US) ≅ 0.425 143 7 km/L
x L/100 km ≅ 235.215÷x mpg (US)


Horsepower and Torque Explained

Translating Foreign Site
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