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Hey everyone,

This would be my first post. I thought you guys might some of the cars I've detailed. We'll start with this one.

This particular detail was last year. I was lucky enough to get a client that wanted his newly acquired but used Volvo 850GLE. The owner thought Turtle wax would suffice in terms of maintaining the car and used sponges to clean the car. You will be able to tell by the pictures his approach was a little short of successful but never the less he did try.

He decided to bring it to me for a full detail. The paint is beautiful we just needed to get rid of the blemishes :doh:

I apologize for the dirty hub caps. I had not tackled them yet.

YAY first detailing post :headbang:

Enjoy !

Meguiars Gold Wash
P21S Wheel Cleaner
P21S Finish Restorer
PB's Bug Squash
PB's Leather Stuff
PB's Natural Look
303 Aerospace Protectant

OPT QD as lube dilluted down
Riccardo Yellow Clay

Paint Correction:
Menzerna PG
Menzerna IP
Menzerna NP
LC Orange Pad
LC White Pad
LC Black Pad
ISO Rub Down

Zaino Z2Pro

PB's Natty Blue (2 coats)

Makita 9227
Highline Paint Gauge
Ridgid Wet/Dry Vac
Husky 1200 Halogens
LC Rotary BP 5" and 3.5"
LC DA BP 3"5

Nick aka Nikku

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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