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Hey again everyone,

This was a detail I did last week. The owner came in for a one step polish for his G37S. He's quite the car guy and by the pictures you'll notice he's done quite a few things and I'm sure has more things planned for her.

An awesome car with an awesome colour, blue slate. You will notice that it gave off an interesting colour when halogens were used, it was almost spooky. ooOOooo lol.

I hope you enjoy the detail. Sorry about not having too many befores. I woke up at 5:30 am to get this baby started. I realized that I had not taken pics after treating the lower panels with PB bug and tar. Also I had a hard time taking pictures of the light swirling with the camera. Anyways you'll see what I mean.

PS for the fans of my shorts sorry no short this time well at least not in pictures :D


Meguiars Gold Class
3 Buckets
EZ Brush
Sheep Skin Mitts
Chenille Mitts for wheels
Wheel Brush
Drying towels
PB Bug and Tar
P21S Wheel Cleaner
P21S Metal Polish
Stoners Tarminator

Riccardo's Yellow Clay
Water and OPT as lube

Paint Correction
Sonus White
Sonus Blue
Menzerna PO85rd

Metabo PE12-175 x 2
RB BP 3 inch
Fenix TK10

PB Wheel Wax
PB OPT Shine

303 Protectant
PB Natural Stuff
Stoners Invisible Glass

Natty Blue


You will notice the MF towels from Costco taped to the rear lights. The owner just had his rear lights tinted so I had to be extra careful about any birds that would decide to drop a present.


The three pictures below are of the test panel I did on the hood. White Sonus and 85rd was a successful combo for this vehicle. So I went with it. In the first picture I apologize that it's a tad blurry but you'll see the swirling and in the other two pics the swirling is gone.

Interestingly enough this particular colour has a nice hue about it. Although in the first picture below of the passenger side door you'll notice it having more haze than it should.

Haze gone and clarity returned.

Below are a few after polish shots before LSP


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