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Updated: Friday, 04 May 2007
Nintendo Korea Piracy Crackdown
By Tom Ivan

Nintendo Korea has made its first official statement regarding software piracy in light of the growing nature of the problem in the region.
The company said, "Nintendo will take strict legal action against businesses that are earning unfair profits by selling illegal copy machineries and downloading pirated programs."

Software piracy has been increasing in Korea since Nintendo’s DS was launched in January. Counterfeit software packages are available over the web and at electronics retailers such as Techno Mart in Seoul, according to The Korea Herald.

"On the request of the Korea Game Industry Agency, Nintendo has entered Korea to help the Korean game industry grow into a profitable market. However, increasing software copies and illegal downloads have dampened profitability. This can hamper the development of the game industry," said Sung Hoo-jung, an official at Nintendo Korea.
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