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Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection gets over 260,000 daily users

Posted Apr 25th 2006 5:00AM by Blake Snow

Nintendo's wifi gaming service looks to be doing well according to a Revogaming report. From the article: "Launched last November, the Nintendo WiFi Connection service, which offers free online multiplayer for a host of Nintendo DS games, has amassed over a million unique users in less than four months. The service's no-charge business plan and easy-to-use interface has propelled its' success, which could well surpass Microsoft's own Xbox Live service in its userbase."

The report also details the most popular games on NWC in terms of use, and it seems DS owners prefer picking apples to blasting space pirates. Figures were taken from April 10 through April 23, 2006 and represent average total users per day by percentage.

Animal Crossing: Wild World 116,901 (44.2% of total)
Metroid Prime: Hunters 70,954 (26.8% of total)
Mario Kart DS 59,544 (22.5% of total)
Tetris DS 15,842 (6% of total)
Tony Hawk: American Sk8land 1,159 (0.4% of total)
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