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Nintendo's DSi will Have More RAM Than DS
Nintendo has yet to confirm the specs, but Opera's CEO has stated that the DSi does have more RAM, which will make things run more efficiently with the integrated browser.
by James Brightman on Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Nintendo has yet to fully disclose the full specifications for its newly announced DSi handheld, but if you can believe the makers of the Opera browser software, the DSi will indeed come packed with more internal RAM than its predecessor, the DS Lite.

Opera CEO Jon von Tezchner recently told, "Yes, the DSi has more RAM than the DS Lite. In addition, with integrated Opera coming with the DSi, it will use RAM more efficiently."

Nintendo isn't talking about the DSi's memory just yet, but we would hope that Nintendo and third-party developers would make good use of the extra RAM in the DSi to create improved game experiences.

Thanks to Destructoid for the tip.
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