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nippon motors...

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does anybody have any experience with Nippon Motors? they seem to have pretty good swap prices but i thought i'd check here to see if anybodys dealt with them before i make any decisions.
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haven't used them before, but i believe they are suggested by HASport, so they must be good. Another JDM supplier i like is that is where i got my b16 from. They have great shipping, the motor i got runs perfectly and started up with no issues, and they are excellent with communicating to you promptly.
My last car i had i bought a zc engine for it from nippon motors and it ran just fine, they didn't even charge me shipping for it, it was great
everyone i heard that got their swap from nippon had nothing but good things to say. nippon and soko are cheapest swap resellers you can find.
cool, actually i'm starting to look at soko now too but both places are sounding pretty good. thanks for all the input.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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