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Nissan 240 For Sale!! Bueatiful!

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hello, my sister is selling her car

Nissan 240 Sx
Stick Shifter
110k Miles

This car looks brand BRAND NEW, IT IS bright red and is in flawless condition, the paint looks like it was just done yesterday!! If she does not sell it locally im going to buy it off her!

I swear to my name that this car is absolutely Buetiful, No Damages, There might be 1 door ding that can be fixed for $20.00 that is it! i will get some pictures as soon as possible!!

I'm not sure how much shes asking for it yet, make an offer, im in St.Louis Mo, Nothing Wrong with the engine, starts every time, it was girl driven, and pampered like a baby. The car looks like it just got outta the manufacterer it looks so good!!
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it is a se fastback, ill get mroe info on it as soon as i get some more pictures, her car is here and she has her camera, ill get pics within a day or so, its very nice, she paid 11,000 for it when it had around 80k miles i believe, shes taken real good care of it ect....ill hook up the pics in a day or so
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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