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nitrous and big cams!

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What do u guys think of this set up?

crower 404s for the b18b + NOS wet, 50-80 shot
Anyone running big cams with nitrous?

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That's a fine set up. Basically you want to get the best cams that you can for NA because you'll only be on the bottle 1% of the time.
thanx for your answer laughin2.2

hey, i'm a brand spanking newbie!!! :D

Glad to be back on this forum, it was long but worth the wait :)
I have a set of the 62404's if you want them. brand new in the box. $375 shipped to the first person that wants them. Not MUCH cheaper than NOPI, but I'm stuck with them and they are BRAND NEW.

I was going to use them before i toasted my b18b plans. They are great NOS cams due to their overlap.... get an SAFC, it'll be worth it. also, be sure you have good springs, retainers, and cam gears.
thanks for the offer, i already have my place for my cams.

I'll have cam gears + springs and retainers. I won't have the s-afc to start tho, i'll be fine with the idle with cam gears. But the afc will a good investement when i'll get one.
definatly. post some numbers when you get it tuned.
of course i will :)

I'll dyno my car N/A and on the bottle, only 50-60 shot for the begining. I need to get an upgraded fuel pump, msd, fpr before i go for the 80 shot.

I wanna play safe :D
I agree 100% with ya their. Better safe than sorry with the bottle. I just got a 255 liter/hour pump last week i'll be installing with the new engine.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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