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I just picked up a used ZEX nitrous kit for my H22 hatch. I cant find any good detailed installation details and didnt know if anyone had some good tips for me. I am going to spray a 55 shot dry. I have a chipped P28 ecu with the stock rev I need any parts that dont come with the kit to be safe? It came with a bottle heater and purge kit. Also a pressure guage. All the internals are stock on my H22, the bolt on details are in my signature. Let me know what you guys think.

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Just ordered some ZEX nitrous spark plugs. Anyone ever use these?
i have some sitting at my house right now

and FYI... you should have bouhgt a wet kit. but i guess its too late now.

this is what i will be running

-Zex 75 wet shot
-Stock Internals D16 with I/H/E
-AEM Cam Gear, Retared 2 degrees
-Zex spark plugs (colder range, made for nitrous applications)
-AEM fuel rail/FPR @ 45psi on spray days... 40psi right now.
-Bottle heater
-Purge Kit.

and i will probably invest in a window switch sometime down the road.

oh and yes you should Dyno your H22.... cause once this D blows i have a H22 laying around, so i will probably bottle fed her next summer.:number1
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