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Nitrous Links

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This link takes you to a page by some guy who
fabricated his own nitrous system, there are
instructions on the page. This site is great!!!!

ps: check out the link at the bottom of the page to
his geo thermal cooled computer, it's crazy!!! :)

NEVER BUY JACOBS NEVER EVER EVER. I have an Ice Pac and the ignition wires are actually falling apart I had one in 2 pieces. And the canter where the coil went broke off and my car died in the middle of the rode. I just don't want any one else making the mistake of buy jacobs ignition and wires.
Nitrous Link

Koehler Injection

Nitrous software, jets, tools, flow testing, etc
I found somethig about Nitrous oxide systems on a concept cars site at
with Ford Shelby Cobra,MustangGT R 2004,Peugeot 5007,Peugeot 5007
uderground,Peugeot 4x007, BMW 645 alpine .
I'am interested about the price can someone help me ??
:bash :bash
:: Harris Speed Works ::
Roberts Nitrous Service - Nitrous Sales/Tuning/Set-up/, and general N2O info

HSW has some good customer support, and a ton of stuff at very reasonable prices

RNS is a bit of a fledgling company, but has some extremely informative write-ups, and they'll actually hook you up with what you need, not the brand new 700 dollar piece that will, in fact, serve as an arming switch (you know what I'm talking about, some companies try and get you to buy the newest and greatest, even if you don't really need it)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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