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I stole this exactly from clubsi until someone makes our own...make sure to tell them thanks

This is the new information post……..
Is n2o dangerous
Well any Strong MOD on a car can be dangerous, but n2o is just as safe as a turbo and a supercharger as long as you use your brain and don’t over due it

what is a Wet kit and What is a dry kit
A n2o wet kit is when the n2o is activated and spraying the system sprays a matching amount of fuel thru the nozzle with the n2o to give a “more accurate shot”
A n2o dry kit is when the n2o is activated and spraying the system uses a vacume to adjust the fuel pressure and use the cars injectors to spray the fuel accordingly

Items recommended to get with a 50-65 dry shot
If you are going to run a 50-65 dry shot it is not required but it is recommended that you get these mods
1. new plugs ngk bkr7e’s
2. fuel pressure regulator
3. new clutch,, yours will die after a little while

Items recommended to get with a 65-80 dry shot
If you are going to run a 65-80 shot dry it is highly recommend you get these mods in addition to the other mods
1. New fuel pump Walbro makes a good one “Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump”
2. Some sort of device to retard the timing automatically “it helps your car run better” MSD BTM or the MSD Dig 6+
3. Motor mount inserts “needed to keep the car from hopping when n2o kicks in”

Items recommended to get with a wet shot
1. new plugs ngk bkr7e’s
2. FPR
3. New clutch
4. Fuel pump
5. Motor mount inserts

Do you need to retard the timing when spraying and how much to retard
This question is under very high debate right now so I will post one answer,,
The common answer is to retard the timing 2 degrees for every 50hp shot of n2o
But most people have not retarded their timing till a 75 shot and then only retarded it 1 degree they feel you should not have to till at least 100hp shot. This is also the way I feel “zex has a dramatic retard change” nos does not ?
Zex™ Kit (#82011)
55hp 65hp 75hp
Nitrous Jet 32 35 38
Fuel Jet 36 34 32
Ignition Retard 0° 2° 4°

Which is better WET or DRY
This depends on what you want to do,, if you are going to run less then 70-75 then dry would be best for you it is perfectly stable and easier to install..
But if you are going higher then 75 you might want to try a wet shot since the wet does manage the fuel better when spraying.

How much to fill up a bottle and how big are they?
Most bottles hold 10 pounds of N²0. The price varies according to where you live. Dave pays about $3.33 a pound here in Panama City, Florida. That’s because there’s limited supply. You may get a better deal in bigger cities where there is N²0 Dealer competition. In Orlando Florida I pay anywhere from 2.50 a pound where they freeze the tank for a day,, to 3.50 a pound where they pump the gas in.

What is a window switch and is it needed
A window switch is a device that when the power to the n2o is activated and the car is a WOT it will only let the n2o actually fire in the range that you specified with the switch “you change this with pills that set the rpm range” Example: you insert a 5000pill and a 7500pill you floor the car when you reach 5000 rpm the n2o will spray till you hit 7500rpm then the n2o will turn off…..
Is the window switch needed… it depends on how paranoid you are most people do not think it is worth the hassle to install the switch,, but if you are running a chipped ecu I actually would recommend it due to the higher rev limit

How big a shot can my car take
Well that depends on what you are going to do if you are going a dry shot do not go higher then 75 due to the restricted fuel flow you will experiencing,, If you are going wet shot then max I would say is 100 shot with all the upgraded mod items.. Everyones cars are different so this is just a hard question to answer it is best to start with a small shot and keep checking the engine to see if you have any damage and slowly upgrade..

Will I be able to beat this and this and this with this shot
Well that all depends on you, you cant rely on your car to be the sole thing to beat another car everything is up to the driver,,,, You can have a very fast car and still lose to a slow car with a good driver

Can you put n2o in ……
You can install n2o in ANY car you want all you need to do is figure out what type of kit you want and convert it to fit your car

Do I need a purge kit and will it fit on my kit?
NO a purge kit is not needed,, a purge kit just removes the dead air in the line it saves you about .1 of a sec off your time, and the amount of n2o that gets sprayed out with the air could be used for another pass down the track, “you blow about $1.50-2.50 each time you purge”,,,
Yes,, any purge kit you get can bee hooked up to any n2o kit you have

Do I need a n2o gauge and what other guages do you recommend
Yes, it is a great thing to get a n2o gauge the reason for this is that if you have the gauge on the dash it will help tell you if you have enough pressure to race and if you have any n2o in your tank,, it sucks pulling up to race and finding out your tank is empty,, I also recommend a fuel pressure gauge and a air/fuel gauge,, but I can not in good conscience recommend the autometer air/fuel gauge get a good one like greddy or hks the autometer one when on a dyno with a air/fuel test being done the autometer was wrong which could cause damage..

Where would you plug the n2o gauge into?
To get the best reading of the pressure on your line I and rzrshrp plugged our gauges into the line closest to the solenoids to get the most accurate reading

Where do you mount your equipment?
Well the purple box most people mount it right behind the intake manifold it is a very tight squeeze but it will fit and looks nice there,, this is the same place I mounted my NOS setup. The tank the best place to mount is in the trunk behind the driver side “it is best here because” on the driver side of the car you have the brake lines run so you can put your n2o line run in the brake line runner so the n2o line will not get crushed which stinks from experience..

Where to put the nozzle
The best place to mount the nozzle is 1-6 inches from the throttle body the dry kit I recommend 6 inches If you are using a dry shot and you have a AEM you can use the oil return line and tap the nozzle into that or drill a hole in the bottom and aim towards the throttle body,, if you are using a wet shot I recommend about 2-3 inches and try to point it to the runners to make sure the fuel make it in with the n2o
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The one thing I take exception to is the guy from NX trashing NOS' dry systems. It's a major sales pitch to scare anyone thinking of buying a dry system. I've always used a dry system and so has a friend of mine - I've run anywhere from 150 to 175 HP and he's run upwards of 300 through his with an identical setup, just larger jetting. Neither of us has ever had a single backfire, and this "popping and burning fuel through the exhaust" is pure BS. That stuff about over stressing injectors is hogwash. As long as the jetting keeps the fuel pressure rise to less than rediculous, you won't see any kind of injector failure. That he says there's no need to retard timing is total and complete BS - regardless of what kind of system you use, timing needs to be retarded.
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