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nitrous on a bored out engine

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are there any risks with running nitrous on an engine that has been bored out?
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Long as the egine is in good working order it won't be a problem.
The clylinders being bored out won't have any bad effects when running nitrous. If anything, it'll help you produce a little more power due to the bigger displacement.
just out of curiosity, whats it bored out to? is it the lude?

I've decided to go with a .025 bore. I can always go more.
.025 is perfect. You don't want to go any more than that or the cylinder walls are going to be too thin, (weak) unless you've resleeved the block. On B-series motors you should stick to a .020 oversize bore.
I won't have to re-sleeve with the .025 bore? I thought I would.
Yeah, I know. I said the max is a .025", So you are still ok.
thanks for the info man. I appreciate it.
.025?? Are you going with an OEM replacement??
OEM replacement what? pistons? yes.
Ya, that's what I was asking. That's cool. :cool:

Man, I'm so glad SUPERHONDA is back online again!~

Anyway, You guys are being serious?! Who said 25 over bore is the MAX, especially for a DOHC? I've seen SOHC civic motors bored 80 over that could hold 200HP NOS. (yes, that's .080)

With the .020 setup, on a wet or dry system, your main worries would be the monitoring of the fuel pressure, air/fuel, and fuel/N20.

" Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is a non-flammable gas that's used for our purposes as a carrier for oxygen. Mixed with the right proportions of fuel, and fed into the intake, it provides additional combustible material into the cylinders, hence more power. "

I'm a firm believer in using all the safety mechanisms you have available. Clearly, they aren't absolutely necessary, and some folks run nitrous systems without any of these devices. But for my money, they're well worth using. So, like you, I was originally concerned with my 98 civic being bored 50 over. (.050) NOw that you know that's not a problem, there are other safety issues of more concern!
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You are not going to be able to bore stock cylinders .080" over. You're crazy. There's not that much wall between the cylinders. .025" is the max on stock sleeves.
MAX huh? Heard of NIRA?

THey run their custom pistons at 86-87mm! NOt to say that i'm the best with numbers... but thats A LOT LARGER than 80 over. Granted, they don't use stock sleeving.

The stock size is 81mm, but depending on which civic. Without resleeving, it's been done to 81.8. That's basically putting in a GSR or type R piston. Actually, that'd be around 81.5 or something right? But still, I'll try to find some everyday drivers out there for comparison.

Not to be stubborn, but I've got 50 overbore. Which is twice as much as what you call max. And I've been driving around for a year. Runs perfect still. NO damage or sign of wear.
CivicNOS1...he is saying .025 is the maximum for the sleeves I have in it right now. not the maximum I can bore out the engine.
Theoretically, the larger the bore, the more suseptible to predetonation. But, the change you are talking about is too small to matter. No difference in tuning.

Second, when someone says "x is the biggest you can go on the stock cylinders" responding with "oh yeah, so and so has custom sleeves bored more than that" just shows everyone you didn't read the post before you decided to disagree with it.

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