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I'm new to the site here. Just wanted to start off by saying Hi to everyone :)

But i was wondering if anyone in here would recommend using NGK R5672a-9 (9 series...heat range) plugs with my set-up...

b18a bottom end
Weisco pistons(11.5 compression/81.5 bore)
Eagle rods

GSR head
REV retainers & springs
Blox stage2 cams
Skunk2 manifold

It will be on a wet single fogger 80 for now(thinking about upping the jets)

Planning on going 11's with my set-up in a daily street driven EG hatch!

We've gone [email protected]
Stock B18c1
Skunk2 manifold
JDM 4-1 headers
All on a single fogger 80 shot.
This certain car weighed in at 1900lbs.

The movie is in

Just trying a new set-up and want to see what we'll hit in a street driven car.
I trying to get some opinions if the spark plugs are going to be to cold (should i go with 8's). And where should i gap them....

Any opinions from any nitrous gurus would be greatly appreciated. :w00t
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