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What is the Differance between Wet Nitrous and Dry Nitrous?
And dont be a smart ass ;)
Also, which would be a better set up?

And would it be a waste of my money to put headers, CAI, cat-back exhaust, ect. if i were to get a *turbo.... (*wont be coming too soon though)

oh ya i have a '99 civic Ex:D
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A wet kit is when the nitrous is activated and spraying, the system sprays a matching amount of fuel thru the nozzle with the nitrous to give a “more accurate shot”

A dry kit is when the nitrous is activated and spraying, the system uses a vacume to adjust the fuel pressure and use the cars injectors to spray the fuel accordingly

if your going to be using a small shot (50 or so) then a dry kit would be fine, anything over 75 and your going to need a wet kit..

if your going turbo, don't buy a CAI or a header, just put that money towards a nice kit.
dry kit's ok. wet is better. direct port is another step up, but it would be overkill on a D series setup (100+ injection). on a B or H series motor setup direct port works great. it supplies each intake runner with it's own N2O and fuel so each cylinder gets virtually the same amount of mixture. just a bit more work to install than a wet setup, bending lines for the manifold etc.

yeah if going turbo soon enough don't get new headers and CAI because they won't be used with the turbo setup. unless you can sell them and get all or most of your $$ back.

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