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no a/c no powersteering.....

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yo just on a jdm site saw a 96 hb with h22a swap but dude ain't have no powersteering and no a/c im tryin to perform tha same swap am i gonna lose those items to??

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my car

the car the swaps going into is a 94 civic hb
Re: my car

most likely YES, unless you want to pay out the ass to have the
compressers relocated else where in the engine bay, if you want to "go fast with class" don't get an H22
red aem civic said:
i dont have a/c or powersteering, you just get use to it, i dont mind going without it.
your car came that way from factory correct? the rack on a none power car is diffrent from one that does have it, when getting rid of ps as you do in a h22 swap most opt to just remove the belt
this in the long run wears out the rack, the right way is to eather get a power assisted rack(ie. cx rack) or to pack the rack with grease(god hate saying that hahaha) only problem with number 2 is once you've packed it, there is no going back, personaly i wish i had a non power rack, not because of HP gains, because 3hp that you get tops don't matter to me, i would just like it to be easyer to replace a drivers side headlight bulb lol
i took the p/s pump and a/c compressor off of my car. i plan on switching to a manual rack soon. i rode in my friends CRX with manual steering from the factory and it was like night & day compared to my car with the p/s pump removed. i planned on adding it back for autox this year but I think ill just switch to manual rack.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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