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Recently I purchased a 2000 civic dx hatch from an auction and it just wont start. I've replaced the starter as well as the ignition fuse (#41 in the fuse box) and I'm still having a no crank, no start, no click issue. I know the starter I took out of the car was bad so I had to replace that anyways. I've tried jumping the clutch safety switch with a paperclip thinking that could be the problem but still, no crank, no start, no click. The lights on the dash turn on when I turn the key and the radio also turns on. The battery is good and I've got 12.6 volts and no voltage drop. I should also add that there were multiple wires that had obviously been cut at one time and never replaced. The car has a d18y8 head. Any idea what the problem could be? Could it possibly be a bad ground somewhere?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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