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Firstly I drive a 89 CRX 1.5 dualcarb I don't think you have them in USA??

So I was repairing my reverse sensor when I touched two wires and heard a click from what sounded like the MAP sensor and blew a fuse inside the car which I changed and is now fine since then my car won't idle at all and runs a little rough. Do you think I may have blown the MAP.

I have disconnected it and was driving, stopped at a light and all of a sudden it idles for like 2 mins an 2k revs I start laughing and take off stop at the next lights and gone?? Stalled!!

I think I need a vac pump and a voltmeter to test it right?? Both of which I don't have and a map sensor in Ireland is about 120 euro I think so I want to know before I get a new one.

Thanks for reading :)
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