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i went to NOPI Nats today and the DC booth told me flat out that the DC headers wouldn't be completely legal in a D16Y8 b/c the OEM header has an O2 sensor coming right out of the block and you have to move it to another location.... according to the law you cannot move the position of any emission sensors. (just for those who don't know, the D16Y8 has two O2 sensors for the exhaust, one coming out of the block ~ 10" down and the other just before the cat)

I talked to several people with the D16Y8 engine and they all had the same story about having to move the sensor and it causing all kinds of merry hell with the OBDII style of sensing the engine status (alot of people got recurrent or intermittant CELs)

this CAN'T be right can it? is there NO completely legal header out there for my '97 car? :(
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