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ever since i got the galant it's been really hard to
tune it because of boost creep.
no matter what i did it would creep to about 1.7bar (~25psi). it would hold whatever setting to about 4.5k rpm then it would start climbing to 25psi by redline. the only thing i could do was to back off to half throttle from 4k rpm and up.
this past week the radiator went bad (the aftermarket fan brackets rubbed against the core causing 4 lil holes) and since i had to take out the radiator i decided to install the 7cm ported exhaust housing, 2.5" tubular o2 housing and the external 40mm tial wastegate i had left over from the gsx.
here are some pics of the ordeal.

this are the parts that went in.

here's a shot of my intercooler hiding behind the bumper. i love the sleeper look in case you havent noticed yet :D

my work area

all done. as you can see the wastegate is not visible because its half way under the manifold and the rest is hiding under the intercooler pipe.

hopefully now i'll be able to tune it right so i could run some high 11's this coming spring/summer.
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