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No more damn sunroof please!

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I got a gsr and i want to get rid of my sunroof, it does nothing but add weight and rattle.

I was just wondering, does anyone know how to replace a sunroof on an integra? or is there some kind of fiberglass plug that can be bought to replace the sunroof?

Nothing like a GSR!!!!!!!!
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the only suitable replacement will really be metal. have a shop weld in metal in place of it.....other stuff will flex too much...even more so than the glass.
thanx for the info.

anybody know the price tag on that welding job?
Honestly, I wouldn't mess with that big of a welding job. I'd just keep the sunroof, and find out why it's rattling,then get it fixed. If you want less weight get some spoon wheels, or take off your a/c, or the spare tire. But if you want those things just get some light ass racing wheels.
I also by doing this, not only will you save some weight, you're trying to be a sleeper? Haha no sunroof I would automatically assume a LS, RS. But anyways, yeah I would stay with the sunroof, you might want to use it someday, I would just fix it, and leave it there, it looks nice, and its nice to have open when the weather's nice.
i think the 94 RS is the best Integra to sleep mode in. It weighs 24?? with no Sunroof, that's almost 5th Gen Si HB territory at 23??
RS + B20 VTEC or B18C1 or 5 + weigh reduction = 1 quick WHIP. for car weights and specs
You can graft on the roof piece from a Type R also, as they didn't come with the sunroof either. If you are looking for this, let me know, I know of a wrecked ITR that the roof piece is in tact on. I have NO idea how much that would be to ship or anything like that. I am in Colorado.
That would be a nasty hole to fill. I would save myself a headache and just fix the noise. You can reduce the weight somewhere else as someone else said earlier.
wow, i wouldnt get a car wit out a sun roof , and you want to take it out?:) why didnt you get a itr? :)
my friend got a itr and he's paying out the ass. plus i had my gsr for a while now.

you guys think it's possible to replace the glass with some light weight glass (plexi glass)?

My sunroof has a crack in it. fuckin thieves
i love my sunroof...i wouldn't be able to drive withought it...good or bad whether, unless its raining its always open.
i love my sunroof too....couldnt have a car without some type of top that opens
95gsr said:
my friend got a itr and he's paying out the ass. plus i had my gsr for a while now.

you guys think it's possible to replace the glass with some light weight glass (plexi glass)?

yeah you can, but its gonna look ghetto. lexan would work...but your going to have to screw it down to something...this would probably be loud in the car since it wouldnt keep out as much noise as glass with all the rubber surrounds and it wouldnt retain heat as well in winter time either, i dunno if those are concerns of yours though, i'd just leave the thing and fix the rattles. i grease my tracks up with white lithium grease and silicon every month and ive tightened down as much stuff as i could.....mine doesnt make noises or shudder when opening/closing
i would get the nasty sound that your sunroof makes fixed and keep it
fix it or put on the ITR roof... ITR roof gets my vote if you are serious about dropping weight.

I love my sunroof though... it's open rain or shine, hot or cold. i tend to only tilt it in the rain... hehe
Sunroofs are awesome, don't ditch it. They don't add that much weight...
i would keep the sunroof cause all the girls ive talked to really dig cars with sunroofs. also if you want to get rid of the squeaky sound just use some grease and it will be all good. Thats what i do whenever mine starts making noise.
ok, ok, I decided to keep the sunroof and just get the noise fixed.
Thanx for changing my mind, you guys probably saved me a big headache.

Let the sun pour in!
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