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Noises coming from Neuspeed race springs

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I just installed Neuspeed Race Springs.

My friend i installed it. It was all good on the day we installed it.

But then the second started to make noise from the rear

whenever i go over some rough bumps.

What is the problem? Do I need let the spring settle little more


If you had any experience like this...please give me a tip to fix it.

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One guy said that the noise is coming from the rubber absorber on the top of the strut...

did u have any experience like this?
wait a couple weeks and find out if the noise goes should.
I posted to the same question in the Cutting Neuspeed sport springs thread...
They are proably just need to settle.
Thanks for the reply.
I will give some time on my springs..

If you have any tips just let me know...thanks
what kinda noise is it btw?
LIke thumping noises, or like grinding noise..

really annoying....
Cut your bumpstops a little (from the end that's thinner, usually closer to the shock body). Cut maybe 1/3 to 1/2 off and see if that helps.
Dang i have to go through all the trouble again..

It took me long time jsut to install the springs..

Thanks for the input..

I will try that
yea I know what you mean about taking them off and on:eek: its hard ass work...It comes in handy if you have someone who has done some installs me:)
I took out the whole springs and shock in the rear.

The bumpstop was cutted.
All the bolts were tight as heck.
i stalled it right.

It still makes noises.
I think my stock shock are still ok.

But it still makes grinding....and like thumping noises when i go over bumps.

I think the noise is coming from the top of the strut. Where springs and top plate meets. Bolts were tight and holding it right but i am guess that spring is hitting the plate and created some noise.

If you know what iam talking about ....hit me back.

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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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