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non vtec vtec motor...need wiring help

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I have a Del Sol S which has the 1.5 non vtec in it. I'm putting a B16a2 in it which is of course vtec. I have the ecu and wiring harnesses out of a 93 Del sol Si which is vtec. Do I just need to replace all of the harnesses in it or can I just plug SOME harnesses in. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Guys!
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If you already have the wiring harness out of a DelSol Si then you dont need to worry about anything except the knock sensor (located right under the intake manifold on the block). I am doing this same swap on Friday. Do some research before you jump into things, it's always good to know exactly what you are getting into before you do it. Check out or . Both sites have wiring diagrams and have a lot of information about your particular swap. As I said more research before you just jump into things! has skunk2 wiringharnesses if you need one... mine came in two days ago.
dont use the del sol si ecu wrong fuel curves and redline isn't right either you'll do alot better if you picked up an ecu from either a 94-97 del sol vtec that actually came stock with the b16a3 or 94-95 gsr comp. id go with the gsr one if i were you
I'm getting the ecu programmed with the hondata stage 4 so I can hook my laptop up to it so the fact that it's out of a del sol si shouldn't matter then right? Also, if I need to add the knock sesor wire to ecu harness will the ecu know that it needs to sence knock?
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