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NOPI Nationals 95 Recon!

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Whats up everyone. Just wanted to try and keep the highway straight and get everyone in formation.. So holla at me if you passn threw Richmond ,VA so we can hookup on the ride down. More fun when its a group and less tickets, from profiling. And, If we dont hookup watch out in my area. From Parham Rd exit after 295 branch-off on down to highway 85 intersection the man is out. Locations listed below...

1: After you pass richmond, Go over a bridge after Maury RD exit, next mile is setup location for state man. Your clear once you reach bells RD.

2: The Powhite Parkway exit over pass , hiding behind the over pass cement support. (10-15 miles from Maury Rd exit.)

3: Route 10 chester , hopewell exit which note this is the exit for chesterfield county police's lion den exit so be alert. (3-5 miles after powhite parkway over pass)

4: Right after route 10 decline in the road behind the gaurd rail. (1-3 miles from route 10)

5: Should be clear from here to 85 intersection.

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