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NOPI skrewed me!!!

Too make a long story short, 5 months go I bought a Dragon Hood that did not even fit my crx, and now NOPI is sending me another one after I have spent 780 + change (and I have to pay for shipping AGAIN). FOR A DAMN DRAGON HOOD!!!!!!!! At least the one they are shipping me now will fit but this is ridiculous!



I know others in here have been skrewed by NOPI also, so please post your bad experiences and warnings for all the others.
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I had problems with nopi too. Back when I first got my REX I ordered an Iceman CAI from them. They took my credit card number and took the money off of it, but after 4 months of waiting I never received anything. I kept calling and they would tell me to hold on while they checked and they would just hangup on me.

i ordered my i/h/e jet v force, ww body kit, all from nopi neve had any problems
Sucks dude... thats why I only order from a local, trusted shop nowadays... I pay a teeny bit more, but its worth not having to deal with the stress.
face to face is always better becouse if you get pissed you can always just punch them in the face. lol but you will almost get better service face to face
for the big stuff...its always good to go local.
The only bad thing about that is where i live we have 3 shops, 2 of which rape u. and the other no one but about 10 ppl know about. I agree though local is best, but we need more local shops in the non socal and cali areas, I live in indiana, shops are starting to open up, but they cant get the prices of the bigger internet places, becuase they cant buy in as large of quanities. Also the 2 shops mentions above both order from nopi and other distributers, and have screwed plenty of ppl, they wanted 6 grand to do a b16a1 swap into my 4th gen hatch, i laughed my ass all the way out the door. I now have everything for my swap and im very happy. sleepers are the greatest
hey matt, me and some friends are talking about opening a shop here in Ohio. We are in the same boat as you, the only few hops chge out the ass!!!!!!

We need more peeps to open reliable shops.
I'm quickly running into the same problem. I can't get JDM parts anywhere (large items like suspension, etc..) and the reliability of ordering through shops is terrible (on basic non-JDM items) sometimes I get parts, sometimes not, and either way I have to wait like a month to find out what's going to happen. I worked at a bike shop dealing in mostly high-end road and mountain bike gear, and that's definitely not how it works for normal business! I'm doing so much volume right now, that I need a reliable source for parts. I don't think I would open an official shop, just because I don't have the startup capital for a retail business, but I am strongly considering trying to find a loophole and getting a business licensce and tax ID # to start getting my own parts. Ya, I couldn't compete with online and cali prices, but I know that I would pay a little more if parts were in front of my face, or if I knew that they were going to get here and the shop would actually act like a retail business. Have you ever looked at receipts from shops in the midwest, hilarious, they accept no responsability for anything. The only shop I've never heard anything bad about in the midwest is Revolution Motorsports, for his Rota deals, but that's primarily all he does. I'm just so frustrated lately with this whole industry:(!
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damn....i would make bank if i opened up a shop in a state other than cali, florida, or new york.
what part of ohio, im on the central east side of Indiana, but im moving to glendale heights IL in aug. But like i said i only trust one person around here, and sometimes his suppliers screw him over, and that screws me. im still waiting on my zydene ecu. but i got it for 150 bucks. just like my hasport mounts got them for 400, so hes giving me the best deals he can. But just hit me back with what part of ohio your in and ill see how far that is, ive got a friend who has ppl in ohio that are looking for shops, so who knows what goes down
Sounds like you are in Muncie, or Richmond or something man. Am I right? I lived in Muncie for about 5 yrs.

Out here in Southern Cali you don't need to order online for there are many shops in the area and carry everything you could ever want.....i guess in other areas its the only way to get parts
Since there so easy for you to get, how bout you start shipping to me???:D
Im on the Indiana side of Columbus just off I-70

Ive got a new distributor who is supposed to be giving great deals to my car club but I havent seen anything in anybody's hand as of yet.

Untill then...I just dont know.

Reference to NOPI: I had to do some trickery but I finally was able to talk directly to a Manager and he is saying that he is going to take my problem to his boss and see how they can help me. I tld him I was willing toeat some of the shipping charges if they would just give me an in-store-credi. He said he will try so Ill let you guys know...Ive already got his bosses name and number through a contact in one of the other stores for last resort -- hehe.

Whatever you guys do... DO NOT BUY FROM OR USE SALESMAN
at the Norcross store. He has been my biggest obsticle since this whole thing started 5 months ago!
Very damn close, I live in anderson, about 15 mins(max) from muncie, ya i have an idea where your at, thats not to far away, also what car club. so u know of extreme and iip, as the 2 shops i was talking about?
oh shit

guess what guys, i was replacing the water pump on the b16 that is still sitting inside the garage, and well i broke 2 of the longer bolts. one more set back. Oh if anyone is doing a swap, the new hasport mounts are very nice. other than that its a waiting game, still no ecu, axles well were making them, and the rest is just up to me im a little behind on cash(being in highschool blows) but im close order my clutch and thats the rest of the stuff i need(i think, hope) but i still would like to know if anyone has been in a car wiht the b16 swap into a 4th gen or knows of someone, cuz im kinda wonderin my times, oh mods would be zydene ecu, is that a mod?? intake exhaust no back seat
no pass seat no spare tire, and well thats about it, oh i also have no ac or any of that other crap, no power steering, and its a std, non power of anything and no sun roof, but i was just kinda wondering what would be a good run, from experience. Also if anyone has any Q's ill be glad to try to help from what i have learned
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Mid to high 14's should be realistic with that setup, and yes I have been in a few that I put together. Spend a little time with an Air/Fuel guage, and dial it in as much as you can without a dyno. The ZDyne programs are pretty good, but if you want to throw gas mileage to the wind (not really bad here, just a couple mpg), you can squeeze some extra power out of it.
Hey matt, I have een in "select" car club but I have not had a sticker since October.

xtreme- yes - one guy thier knows his shit -- cant remember his name? They are good shop to order from from but Im no extremely happy with how much they chargd me fo labor costs.

iip? - dont know off hand

Jonny Mac - is pretty good but you have to know exactly what you want down to the part number when you go in to make sure you get the right shit. I have also hard they do great swaps and suspensions.

Wheelsoucre - extremely good and knowledgable buttheir prices are a high and their employees are rude (my pet peive).

Thats all have experience with in Dayton area.

OH YEAH -we now have High Point Ditributor but I havnt delt with them yet.
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