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nor cal midnight runs

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I was wondering if anyone from northern cali knows where some good places to run are.... i'm talking about san jo area, stockton, sac, or frisco.... thx
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i heard that cops don't give a fuk at ocean beach and there are runs there friday/saturday so i've heard, never been.

Milpitas, lots of cars not sure if you can still catch a race anymore witch so much cops there recently.

oakland- small crowd, not too many cops(i've heard) cops busy busting the sideshows in oakland.

santa rosa- just gay like 10 cars to 20 with mad cops sometimes hella gay.

don't know about other places
I was up at ocean beach on saturday night, not a damn thing going on there. You can try brotherhood in SF also, I havent been there in a while. Oakland is pretty scetchy. Most people end up going to Milps. Thats where I went after I left SF on saturday. It wasnt too good that night though. A lot of cops and not much runs. Its all good though. Every night is different. Just go down to Milps and check it out.
wanna meet up and hit up the runs saturday skoolbui18 ?

i think pdub, me and prelude93si are meeting up.
White Rock Ave. in Sac - Its off Sunrise on your left hand side just east of 50
sure, where will u guys be heading?? just hit me up wit the 411 here or on aim. till den
Bwahaha...sup Tuan, its about time u started posting here.'d i know its gonna be about street racing..ehehe.

if your are ever in SAC, I would advise you not to go to White Rock
because, there are only one way out. The direction pep are racing is the opposite, and if there were cop's everyone would be

Florin-Perkins - been hot lately
National Drive- never been there but, heard it was crakin.

I want to hit up milpitas- heard lot's of story's.
tracy or stockton...every weekend theres atleast 500 cars...we got some 10second cars out there so its coo..
sometimes cops break it up but theres hella tracks...and they never give tickets..;)
we get on 205 to mountain house parkway...theres some industrial area that we race on..goto yahoo maps and search
TRACY / MOUTAIN HOUSE, we are there fri/sat around 12:30, if u get there and its empty just wait...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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