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normal rpm at idle??

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it seems to me that my car is abnormally idlling low.. is 900 rpm low.. or what/? and wat do most of your cars idle at.?
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yes, 900-1000 is normal idle speed.nothing to worry about
if you start your car cold it will probably idle at 1-1.5
but your car is warmed up good then it should idle between 4-900 rpm. mine idle at about 500-700 rpm after a good drive.
mine usually idles at about 600 rpm. its a lil bit higher when i crank up the car and its cold outside.
If your engine is cold, and its cold outside the car will usually idle over 1,000 rpms.

As the engine warms your rpms should drop down to the first notch below 1,000 rpms.

Your car is normal so nothing to worry about. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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