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Northeast Park Avenue Acura Meet 5/18/02

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For those of you don't regularly browse T L .Com, Park Avenue Acura in North New Jersey is a large Acura dealer which has become well-known for thier top-notch sales and service, incredible customer satisfaction and overall kickass business sense. Last year's Park Ave Meet drew over 40 Acuras and Hondas and this year's meet promises to be even larger with over 90 vehicles confirmed to attend. There will be food, drinks and even a raffle for some performance parts, last year a member won a set of Comptech springs...

Anyway the meet is scheduled for May 18, 2002 with a yet-unconfirmed time. The meet of course will be held at Park Ave Acura, they have a huge parking lot. Being a authorized Comptech dealer and arguably the most popular Acura dealer in the tri-state area means Comptech USA in california will hear about this event. This is why I want to invite all the tri-state AV6'ers to come down. If you only attend ONE meet this year this is the meet to attend! Let's show our support for CompTech and other companies, the Park Ave meet promises to be the largest gathering of Honda-badged V6 vehicles on the East Coast!

See T L .com and w w w.p a r k a v e n u e a c u r a. c o m for
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Everything you said about PAA is so true. They are one of the few performance oriented dealerships in the area and they make customer service and satisfaction a priority. In fact, I just had shocks, CAI, Densos and wheels put on yesterday and once again my experience with everyone at PAA was top notch. Unfortunately, I couldn't make last years, but I will definitely make this one.
ill be there
I'll be there also.
Hey I'll try but I think my graduation is right around then... someone post this up again later sometime... maybe early May...
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