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northern FL and Southern GA only!

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Are you guys up for a meet? Im located in Lake City ( 30 miles from Gainesville) I would love to Host a meet somewhere Localy... Lets hear what you guys have to say. Everyone is welcome JDM or Rice lol Lets do it fellas, lets take a vote on the date. I am thinking like a Friday night or a saturday all day thing and get to meet your SH brothers and sisters in person.

AIM Civiksiracer1
Email [email protected]
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Hey man, I am here in ST Augustine, we are makin a trip to the track in the coming weeks so this would be great to meet some of you guys.
I'm in Savannah, Ga as well as civickid77.

Did you guys go to Nopi in Atl?

A meet sounds good, but I'm never off on decent days :(
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