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nos problem help

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ok im running my zc in any gear then i press the botton to engage the nitrous it kicks in for about a second then my car starts sputtering. whats the problem. its not in the jets or nozzle i checked those out. what could it be?
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Is your fuel pressure regulator functioning properly? That is where I would start looking, then make sure your fuel pump is supplying enough pressure. When was the last time you changed your fuel filter (just because no one ever does)? What kit are you using, and what shot? Have you checked your timing out?
now that you mention it i changed out the fuel rail could that have anything to do with it? i never changed out my filter and my timing is all the way advanced. i know its getting fuel because it bogs my motor down when i hit the botton
ok sorry for this thread i checked everything over agian and i found that i switched the nitruous and the fuel lines. im such a dumbass thanks
haha... no problem. We all make mistakes.

We usally just dont admit to them so quickly.

thats just the way i am
are you running a turbo set up also?

I have a SOHC w/ JRSC and am looking at going n2o also.
timing advanced all the way with NOS? doesn't that cause detonation? maybe I am wrong...
Yeah, I was going to make a comment about that as well. Not sure if having it advanced 'all the way' is a good idea. If I were you, I would have it at stock or slightly retarded. What octane gas are you running?

No offense, but it is guys like this who give nitrous a bad name. You will probably blow up your engine and then come in here asking why.

you might want to check the n2o forum for your questions pertaining to that since those guys have more specific related experience.
whats the safest nitrous setup to do on ZC? I'm thinking 50 shot DRY KIT, anyone got other opinions?
i had it all the way advanced but i put it back to stock. i wouldnt come back here asking why i blew my motor. yes runninig it advanced does cause detonation. and i would run a wet set up it gives better torque then the dry set up. try nitrous express there kits are great. its the one im running and i can hang with vets
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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