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I just got a B16A2 Swap on my civic. I totally fu#%[email protected] my block with a Shot of NOS (60hp) due to the fact that my AEM cam gears where not set properly on my Civic Engine 94. Now I am afraid of putting the NOS back on my new B16A2 engine. Would anyone tell me where is the best place to put the NOS whether a button on the dash or on the pedal. I had it installed on the pedal, so when I floored the car the juice would come out, yet that made me blow my block due the fact that it is harder to let go once you're next to a car racing and you need a little more to beat the [email protected]$#t out of him. I wanna know if anyone know any trick as to how to hook up the NOS and how to spray it. I was told I could only spray on full throtle or at least over 3,000rpm and never on 5th gear. Why is that (5th gear)?
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I have the book Sport Compact Nitrous Injection and this is what it says.

A good NOS kit will have a trigger for it that hooks onto your throttle so that it will not activate until you are at full throttle. Button activation is okay just make sure you don't hold down the button too long. NOS is really only for getting the ball rolling sort of speak. It is supposed to be for the 2500 RPM to 5500 RPm range. This is especially ture if you have turbo. The NOS is to make up for the turbo lag. I would get it hooked up to your throttle and get a push button activation for it. Then you should have any problems.
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