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Novice Chop Of C6 Z06...

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Not really looking for replies on whether or not you like what I did with it, I'm looking for some constructive critisism on the actual job itself.

This is my first attempt with a decent hi-res pic...



So what do ya' think?

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Intercooler looks too fake, its standing out, the lighting isnt the same

you need shadows on the top part of the intercooler that way it looks likes under and behind the bumper:

see how the front of the car is dark cuz the light is from the back, so the air dam and inside of it, it would also be dark, and giving the FMIC a shadow, big one and dark, mostly from the upper right side, because the lower left side of the front is lighter/brighter, light hitting it more,
hope it helps :)

side note:
i like your style, chop is clean, you know the basics, and you got a eye for it, interested in participating in our photoshop contests? i will be putting it up today :)
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Thanks for imput! Yea, I'm still working on shadowing, that look 100% better. I knew the intercooler looked bad as far as color, but I was mainly trying to get it to look real as far as angle/real-ness. I searched for hours looking and chopping many different pics I found and finally decided on that one. For themost part I think the IC turned out decent, but your shading makes it almost look real.

Thanks again, if you wanna post a link to the contest or give me some info I'll take a stab at it, but I'm nothing compared to some of the other work I've seen on here.

looks good except for IC like eryones says, good job though :tu
u transformed the body good...5gen jus fixed the intercooler...other then that...[Bruce Almighty] looks gooood...[/Bruce Almight] :number1
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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