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Attention all NSCRA racers, supporters and fans:

After our successful season opener, we have started brainstorming ways to give back to the racers, promote the series and overall just make the NSCRA a huge success for years to come. Since the creation of our new website at NSCRA - National Sport Compact Racing Association - Welcome, we have added a poll asking which class interests our fans the most. After some thinking, we have decided to turn the poll into a contest/race.

The first class to receive 1000 votes, all racers' entry will be FREE at our July 5th, 2009 event. That's right, free racer entry for whichever class gets to 1000 votes first. So racers out there, get to supporting the NSCRA by asking all your friends to vote for your class!

Keep your eyes glued to the website as well, we have a few announcements that should make a lot of our racers happy. Thanks for supporting the NSCRA and we look forward to seeing you guys out at Palm Beach International Raceway on July 5th, 2009.

edit: we forgot to add that racers will still pay entry at the gate, the 16 racers that qualify into the winning class will have their entry refunded. Sorry for the confusion.
The National Sport Compact Racing Association
NSCRA - National Sport Compact Racing Association - Welcome
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