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NSX Rolling Shell, Running & will Drive>FOR SALE<

NSX Rolling Shell, Runs & Drives >FOR SALE<

Ok guys, here’s the deal. $8500
I have a 1991 Black NSX (Automatic) 86K Runs and Drives PERFECT!!! NO Body Damage. I am stripping my 91 car to build my 92.. read on.

Needs Hood, and Rear Deck lid
Needs Front Bumper & Rear Bumper
Needs 2 Seats
Needs Left/Right Ground Effects
Needs Headlights and Taillights
Needs 2 Front Fenders / 2 Rear 'Bolt on' Quarters
Needs Front Windscreen and Rear Glass

I am asking $8500 for the Running and Driving Shell WITHOUT the body panels or seats. The car has a Clear Title with previous Insurance claim due to very minor front pass-headlight bucket damage and fender. Which was Fixed. PERFECT FRAME, NEVER had any frame damage period!!!! This is a very nice awesome running 91 NSX. Mobil 1 synthetic. NO Mods. I have driven it almost everyday for the past 2 years. Read that clearly, the minor damage was fixed and I still drive the car. Pics to prove.

You can have the 91 NSX back on the road for between $3000 for used parts(yes, if you are lucky and patient) to $6,000 for new parts. You could buy a wide-body kit that often includes the Front & Rear Bumpers and the 2 Front and Rear Fenders. That kit without doors is between $3000 to $6,000 used or new. See Or you could look at like this.. IF you are conservative with a dollar you could be driving a beautiful NSX for about $15K or at the worst 18K. That is far less than book value and your car would have new paint and tons of good used or new parts. In my opinion, that is beter than owning the newest honda at a dealership, and you still come out ahead of the price of a used NSX.


I have bought a 1992 Red NSX (5 Speed)
My 1992 was a Theft Recovery. I am taking all the parts OFF of the 1991 that are needed to complete the 1992. Why? Because I want a 5spd. End of story.

I will NOT take any trades. Unless it’s a Porsche 911, Boxster or Mercedes SLK. If that is the case I would consider trade and I pay the difference.
No trades whatsoever for anything Asian or Domestic, period.

How much do you have invested in your import? I bet it’s more than I am asking for this Running/Drivable and Rolling shell...that could still outrun your complete import ...ok, without insane engine mods.

No stupid offers. We all know what an NSX is worth. Minimum of $22K up to $100k

I will not reply to comments with improper English. Write as though you have an education and then you might be able to get a loan.

Any interest let me know...
Thanks guys

P.S.. I will offer to help find you all the parts over the period of 1 year. Check ebay for parts. As of Saturday there were 2 front fenders in perfect condition on ebay for $500. That is an idea. I have seen fenders sell for as cheap as $125 each. It all depends on how long you are willing to wait for a great deal. Keep in mind, there are many NSX owners converting their 91-01 NSX to look like the New 2002-05 Headlight model. Thus, there are plenty of great deals for front bumpers/fenders/pop-up lights out there.

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Is this still available?
What color is the interior?
Do you have any recent pictures?
Have you stripped the parts yet, or are you in the process of doing it?
Where in Oklahoma are you located?
Is the title free & clear in your name, no liens?

It's best to contact me via email. I don't frequent this forum much. Thanks.

[email protected]
sorry, just fixed my email address
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