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I'm looking to "redo" my suspension setup, as well as getting some new rims/tires.

Right now, I've got the 15" Chrome Honda Optional Equipment rims on 205 60 tires. (heavy ass Chromes gotta go).

I'm looking at new springs (w/ 1.75" front, 1.50" rear drop), or coilovers (springs are hard to find for V6's).

I'm not looking to run LARGE rims....just probably some "light" 16's with 205 50 tires. Maybe even stock Honda rims (from an Si? or Lude?), but I'll probably go w/ some large offset (+48) aftermarket rims.

I like the look of the M3's new fenders. And I plan on rolling mine out (maybe not as far as the M3's though).

I also plan on running wheel spacers to widen the front and rear track (25mm & 15mm respectively).

I'm NOT running a bodykit....and don't plan on doing so. Just the factory front & rear lips, as well as the side skirts are color matched. So breaking a $500 fiberglass frontend isn't a concern.

Any opinions?

Anybody with experience with running large offset rims w/ wheel spacers and/or rolling fenders???


[this project is about 1month away BTW]
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