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numbers for an I4 auto

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i've been looking for these numbers for a while, but i can never find them
what numbers does a stock 6th gen I4 accord sedan automatic put up?
quarter mile
braking from 70
anyone know any of these number? post 'em please
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0-60 9.2sec
1/4 17.1sec
60-0 140ft
slalom 62mph

this all equals to....slow as hell

ha..thanks man. how much would i/e help that? i know it sounds odd, but my friend has a 99 c230 kompressor and when we ran i kept almost side by side with him to 70. his 0-60 is 7.4
so was it a good day for me, or a bad day for him?
aem cai and catback will probably take out .1 or maybe .2 seconds off
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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