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Thanks for the info Nyceguy17, some people don't think of stuff like this untill it's too late. There's also some good info (plus a few horror stories) in the Feb. edition of Honda Tuning.

A company called TEKNIQ AutoSport makes makes one of the best removable steering wheel systems on the market. Their Snap-Off street version is keyed on the face with raised pegs so a thief can't just buy one of the kits and pop their own steering wheel on (not sure about theif removing the whole hub assembly and intalling a new one). Not cheap though $150 + hub & steering wheel. Getting ready to order mine.

Also when I got my alarm installed I had them install a proximity sensor under my arm rest. Took a little bit of adjusting on my own to get the 2 fields (warn, alarm) where wanted them. But if someone moves within 6-8" of my windows it goes off full blast. Sure I've had a few false alarms but it still adds a few more seconds the alarm is going off before the thief has gotten inside the car.
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