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anybody interested let me know, i just put it on my car! ran pretty good! on the stock gsr ecu!... ran even better with a chipped type r ecu!.. with no redline! and plus best of all no check engine light at all.. the only thing is different is that the 97 and up prelude imolbilizer (they key thing) doesnt work. but no big deal get an alarm!... even if you dont have an alarm it will still works... just a theft device. with an obd-I ecu you can get it chipped!!! nobody can chip an OBD-II ecu. this is the cheapest ways to convert your 97- and up preludes to obd-I. i've heard of others paying more than 1500 just to do this, why go through all the trouble? when you can just get a clip? and of course you will need to get a vtec ecu, that is obd-I. trust me its a must for anybody wanting more hp for your car without anybody knowning. clip goes for $300 locating the ecu is the hard part, but i can locate some for any of you interested. hondata sells a clip also for a bout $350 but they check engine light stays on. ive ask them why? and they said "it just do!" but i guarentee you this is they best clip you can get! anybody interested or have any questions email me at [email protected]:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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