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this is sorta on topic/sorta threadjacking, but i wanna try and convert my 90 crx si to obd1 tomorrow. it currently has a d16z6 in it, running on a obd0 b16 ecu..kinda rigged. but i now have a p28,z6 ecu, 4 wire 02 sensor, and all the conversion plugs for the sensor and dizzy. i received a rywire obd0->obd1 ecu conversion harness today.

if anyone has done this before any advice would be a great help. it comes with instructions, and most of the harness stuff just plugs right into the p28 looks like, but the other stray wires i need to directly match with ones comin from the car. i can probably find the ones for the 02 sensor and connect them, but im concerned about the vtec wiring and knock sensor, as far as colors etc.
here is a copy of the instructions i received in the mail if it helps

mainly, the wiring is from a 90 crx si, but with the adapters for a new obd1 02 sensor and obd1 any way to tell which wires for vtec are which colors? i suppose i could always bust out the manual. the wiring on the passenger side is so fucked up right now lol.

please help?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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