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obd1 & obd2 gsr

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I was just wondering, besides the ecu in the obd 1 and obd 2 integra gsr motors, are there any differences? I know the ecu's are different, but are there any actual differences with the motors? The reson is, if I do a gsr swap I was thinking of getting like a 98' drivetrain and using a 95 ecu because my car is obd 1 and I don't want high mielage on the motor I get. I'm just wondering because I've heard obd 1 motors put down more hp to the wheels than the obd 2 motors.
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you only need to swap the obd2 p72 ecu for the obd1 p72 ecu...the pinouts are the same...obd1 motors don't put down more power to the wheels, it's not worth it to change ecu's really...either one is going to basically the same thing unless you have like 400hp...then there could be like a 3-5hp difference.
thats not what i meant

I didn't mean the actual motors by themselves, I meant that obd 1 equipped motors put down more hp to the wheels than obd 2 equipped motors did. Like a 95gsr will put down more hp to the wheels than a 98 gsr will.
there is no difference between the obd1 b18c1 and obd2 b18c1 except for the ecu....does that answer your question:D

I have yet to see proof that the obd1 motors will put down more power than the obd2 motors
OBD1 is more "tunable" than OBD2. And a 1994 GSR is faster than a 2001 and any years in between (OBD1 vs OBD2) . They do put down a bit more power also. How do i know this? My friend raced his 1994 GSR against my friends 2001 (Both with same I/H/E) . The 1994 won by just a little bit. Both are equally good drivers. We then took the cars to get dynoed and the 94 made about anywhere from 2-5 hp more. Im not trying to start anything, this is just what i have found out.
Ok that's what I figured, this helps me out alot. Thanks guys.
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