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I just found a really good deal on an OBX 4-2-1 header under $200 and I was wondering if these things were worth a damn. In otherwords, do they loose performance or discolor weirdly over time?

Just curious, the next step is going to be a header and I'm also debating the 4-2-1 two piece or the 4-2-1 one piece (i want 4-2-1's cause my car is NA and they tend to give a little more power across the whole powercurve instead of just the high end like 4-1's)

I know DC stainless is the best (or damn close) but the price is pretty freakin high (high $300s) so anything that works competantly at half of the money sounds like it might be a plan.

If anyone's running these, what kind of gains did you see?
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