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Octane with JDM B18C (ITR)

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I have a question on any JDM engine. Currently I am having installed a ITR (B18C) engine in my 99 civic EX. My question is this. Since Japan runs on 100 octane for their high compression engines and California's highest rated octane is 91, how will my engine react to 91 octane. Will it be fine? Will it detonate? Will the knock sensor retard the timing soo much that the car is barely driveable to the fact that I cant rev too high or I risk blowing up the engine due to detonation? I can add octane boost but the most it will do is add one to two points to the rating. Should I be concerned or will it be ok. Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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You can have your ECU tuned to run the engine on pump fuel no additives without knocking and give you the best hp you can get with that fuel. Don't just let the knock sensor mess up the timing on you like that. Take that sucker to UPRD and have them tune it on a dyno for reliability and power.
TCivicEX said:
Ultra Performance Racing Development.

If I'm not mistaken they are the front company for G-Force tuning, an ECU tuner which is a branch of an OEM ecu manufacturer for many Japanese car makers. So they have all the codes/programs for the ECU's and know how to tweak them. At least that's how I remember it...:)

Anyhow, I know this guy who worked with them to tune his heavily modded sohc non-vtec with nearly 13:1 c/r and nitrous, he ran 13.58 with that! I think he used pump fuel too.
where can I find them or do you have any info on them? Thanks
OK, I dug around for a bit. Forget what I said about UPRD, if that's the name of the place I'm not sure but I found the phone number for G-Force tuning. It's: 310-782-8278

Here's a write-up from a couple guys...
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