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OEM wires - 3 different makers???

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I was looking into the different wires for the car. Looking at the OEM wires I found that there are three different makers to choose from as well as two of each of those, JUST for the 96 civic EX sedan model.


So how do I know which is the right one for my car?

Plus, If I am going to look at wires such as magnecor or MSD, they only make one plug for all the civics of that year/range. So would OEM be better for a car with only basic i/h/e?

The only reason you need aftermarket that I can think of is carrying a larger voltage to the plugs, but to do that you have to be creating a larger spark and have plugs that can handle the larger spark, not to mention the extra fuel to use the larger spark. Oh, and you may want aftermarket for a different color wire too. :) I would like to have blue, but want a good brand.


Can anyone clarify? Any plug experts here?:p
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Well, if you want blue, the NGK wires are also OEM on some models as far as I know. I know Honda uses NGK plugs, so why not use the wires.
They are good quality and come in blue. They can be purchanced at any parts shop. For Canadians, Canadian Tire carries them.

Online for $49.83 @ NOPI

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That's not a bad price for those at all. Think I may pick up a set. Thanks jaysi

Still, what is the difference in the makes of the OEM wires that are offered?
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