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Thats funny, cuz last time I checked my car wasnt the one with the spray painted dash and the ugly ass center console:p
I guess cuz my car is yellow I am gay??? You're a fucking bitch, I guess if I spray painted my dash then my car would be "cool" like yours; Jerk-off

And just so I dont break the rules of this thread again here is an S2k pic

BTW Nice cock eyed exhaust and WTF are all those gauges for??? I guess you need them cuz your car is making so much power right??? or iz it cuz you haz to watch the vitals on a mostly stock S, haha I have seen boosted S's with less gauges

Oh wait I figured it out, its cuz ur car is SASWEET, you def do not have room to call anyone a ***

Ha Ha, I'm gonna give you a break b/c I admit the pic might not be that clear since I took it with my phone. But for your info you fagget ass bitch! My dash console doors an liner are not Spray painted, its wraped in white leather Fucker! Like you got room to talk fuckin gold wheels on a yellow car looks like shit you must be fuckin color-blind. So if you don't know what your lookin at next time, maybe you should ask someone ***. Oh yeah lets take 500 pics of the same fuckin head light, But nice angles though, fuckin douche. Plus I got more mods than you do anyway so who are you calling stock Bitch

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My crooked ass exhaust
1 - 9 of 113 Posts
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