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Official S2000 Pictures Thread

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Lets see your S2K

Welcome to the S2000 pictures thread!


Those are the only two rules to it. I find that these types of threads are best when there isn't four pages of comments and nonsense in between photos... as well as having no dead linked photos or something of that nature. Using SHO's photo host will eliminate that problem.

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heres a few pics of my old s2k. dunno if i ever posted them on here

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Might as well update this a little with a few pics from a night-shoot of the car, and some of the new interior.

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I gotta learn to make better use of the features on my camera...

Just got it lowered a little on Spoon-Showa coilovers and installed a PWJDM intake.

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Just got her a few weeks ago. '03 AP1 w/ 35k miles. Bone stock except for the red badges.

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I know i might be late but That :number1 is a nice S2K loving it.! :D:w00tz:w00tz:clappy:clappy Hahaha i want my car yellow :clappy :D :hehe :cool
Dam, lovin that blue interior Revtress! :) When I first saw the blue interior (not yours) it didnt appeal to me so much.
Here is a picture of my Ap1 S2K, once i figure this thread posting stuff out, I'll post some more. BTW Its bone stock
Always dreamed about this model! :love::love::love:
101 - 113 of 113 Posts
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