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oh happy joyous day!

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finally!!! the board is back!!!! its been awhile... and just to celebrate... i jsut ordered a Tanabe RM exhaust... heard a lot of good about it.. ne opinoins here? welcome back to all!!!!!
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Is it for an Si?? Congrats on your new exhaust. Peace
nah just a sohc... a nice ex.. waiting for an h22a and an si bodykit, konig glide rims in 16 inch and a 2.5 inch drop.. the stereo is almost done.. gettin my dvd/tv in under a month now... By the end of this year my car will be finally rockin... way beyond what i dreamed...
it's a good exh, i hear it's loud, but i like loud!
thats what im lookin for.. already dropped the cat and got an axle back but im itchin for the real deal
still too far away but another day closer
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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