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Oil squirter

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does anyone know if a LS block have any oil squirter like the ones in the GSR.

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no. u will have to drill and tap to do this fabrication. have a machine shop do it just to be on the safe side.
will doing this help out much?
for what?
will it lubricate the pistons more if its on a LS block?
yes, it will help lubricate the pistons "more". the squirters are not necessary for ls engines tho...unless, of course, ur going to build it for a monster setup.
the squirters are there for cooling, not lubrication. as for will they help you out, probably not! if the car didnt come with them then do not put them in there as the oil passages were not designed for this extra flow and as a result you will not maintain proper oil pressure. this is unless you put the gsr or type r pump in it and up the il pressure.
the squirters "squirt" oil. it doesn't squirt "atomized" oil to the pistons. so in essence it helps lubricate it more to help the pistons to travel faster during high rpm operations. so i wouldn't say that the squirters "do not" lubricate. they do, however, also help it "cool" in a way since it coats the pistons with more oil to minimize the friction between the pistons and the sleeves. but primarily, the gsr's and itr's oil cooler is more responsible for that certain function.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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